Body Planners is a bespoke private fully equipped fitness studio where you can undertake structured training sessions either one to one or in small groups. No distractions or interruptions just you and your trainer.  All our sessions are delivered by qualified personal trainers, who are here to help you reach your goal.


review1-compressor "I started on the BP Group training 2 years ago and I absolutely love it! I look forward to all my sessions and can see the progress I have made. I get the push I need plus the support from the trainers and the rest of the group is fantastic. Thank you so much for the confidence you have given me, I would definitely recommend."
- Nicola Scott

post2 "Left to myself I could easily avoid leaving home in the winter months. However, I get out of bed knowing I will be going to a cosy studio, full of lovely people who make me feel welcomed and encourage me too do my best. It's a haven of healthy activity that leaves me feeling good all day."
- Sandra Nundy

post2 "I joined BP group training 2 years ago and my life has changed. The trainers don't just provide the fitness sessions they also give excellent nutrition advice. Training 3 times a week and eating healthily as become a habit. My family  have noticed how trim and curvy I have become. Strongly recommend."
- Eve Ferrigon


"I moved on to Group Training after Personal Training. Body Planners keeps me motivated as do both Rachel and Jake. I’ve been attending the Strength and Endurance classes for around seven months now. I thoroughly enjoy each session- I have lost weight and gained muscle.  The sessions are structured and after each training session, I feel more energised. I’d  recommend Body Planners to anyone who feels intimidated with “normal” gyms. Body Planners is different- Give it a go!!!"
- Matt Walmsey


Rachel Hurst
Rachel HurstPersonal Trainer
Rachel is a level 3 personal trainer, certified to work with pre and post-natal women and is a Precision Nutrition certified practitioner. Rachel has walked in the footsteps of a lot of her clients, she has successfully transformed her life from post child birth size 16-18 to a healthy and sustainable weight/body shape for the rest of her life.
Jake Cook
Jake CookPersonal Trainer
After serving as a Royal Marines Commando for 6 years, Jake retrained as a personal trainer and has established a proven track record in helping his clients achieve their goals. He says "I relish a challenge and I'm a long distance triathlete and competitive Ironman. Above anything I'm passionate about helping my clients achieve their SMART goals and look forward to helping you change your lifestyle."
Guy Woodhead
Guy WoodheadPersonal Trainer
After training clients out of various gyms, Guy became inspired to have a stake in his own fitness facility. He and his business partners went with a studio as it provides a more personal service. By having like minded people around him, he says "we have established a top class fitness facility that has our own personal touch. With our main priority being the goals of our clients." Guy hopes to grow the business from this one starting point to become bigger and better. As well as personal training Guy runs our Pilates sessions.

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