• Are you fed up with faddy yo/yo diets and intimidating gyms?

  • Do you lack energy, feel constantly tired and want to get back to felling your best?

  • Do you lack motivation and are not happy with the shape of your body?

  • Are you putting inches around the waist no matter what you try?

  • Do you have a weak core?

  • Are you stuck in a routine or a rut with exercise and have stopped seeing results for your efforts?

  • Do you have a big event coming up? A wedding, big birthday or holiday?

  • Do you need to exercise or lose weight for medical reasons, but don't know where to start?

  • Are you pregant but want to continue exercising safely?

  • Have you recently given birth and want to know how to regain your figure?


Rachel Personal Trainer
Rachel is a level 3 personal trainer, certified to work with pre and post-natal women and is Precision Nutrition accredited. Her fitness journey started when she was a size 16-18, she had lost her identity. Rachel first tried meal replacement drinks to lose weight, but this caused serious metabolic damage. She decided to change her approach and become trained in weight-loss and by understanding how with the correct training and nutrition (eating real food) she could create a sustainable weight loss and body shape for the rest of her life. She has walked in the footsteps of a lot of her clients and she is now helping many others on their fitness journey. She offers one to one personal training and runs the group training sessions with Jake and Charlie.
Jake Personal Trainer
After serving as a Royal Marines Commando for 6 years Jake retrained as a Personal Trainer and since established a proven track record in helping real people achieve real goals. He has had the pleasure of assisting many people of varying age and ability in transforming their lifestyle for the better. He says "I relish a challenge and I’m a competitive long distance triathlete completing IRONMAN. Above anything I’m just passionate about helping people achieve their SMART Goals and look forward to helping you change your lifestyle." He offers personal training, running and triathlon coaching and takes our group training sessions.
Guy Personal Trainer
After training clients out of various gyms, Guy became inspired to have a stake in his own fitness facility. He and his business partners went with a studio as it provides a more personal service. By having like minded people around him, he says "we have established a top class fitness facility that has our own personal touch. With our main priority being the goals of our clients." Guy hopes to grow the business from this one starting point to become bigger and better. As well as personal training Guy runs our Pilates sessions.
CharliePersonal Trainer
Charlie is forever expanding his knowledge of fitness and the way in which people train. He likes to train his clients like athletes as he says "most athletes have great bodies, therefore training in a similar fashion to them will receive great results." This way of training is not only amazing for looking good it also makes training fun and varied with improvements in: mobility, endurance, power and strength. As well as personal training he also takes the Body Planners Group training sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays.
HarryPersonal Trainer
Harry is our strength and conditioning coach with a Masters in S&C and BSc in Sport and Exercise Science. He has advanced knowledge about sports specific training and experience working with professional football clubs at all levels and elite divers. Harry says "Training is not just about the physical attributes we gain from it, but more about improving ourselves mentally". He is available for personal training, group/team training and strength and conditioning sessions.


Achieve Your Fitness Goals:

Personal training block bookings available, small group training in monthly blocks, pilates pay as you go or block booking options.