In the world of today, with so much choice and variety there’s no wonder there’s an ‘Er’ in your exercise program. Like most other products and services as a result of constant research and development [...]

Date and walnut loaf

Date and walnut loaf is a really easy, low fat and delicious  teatime cake. It's a perfect bake and quick to whip up when you want comfort food and less calories. Ingredients: 175 g chopped dates 75 g chopped [...]

Why Flexibility matters

Flexibility is defined as the range of motion in a joint, group of joints or the ability to move joints effectively through a complete range of motion. Flexibility training includes stretching exercises to lengthen the [...]

Enough,is enough

I take no pleasure in stating the obvious here, but the ‘Lockdown Pounds’ are definitely a thing. Where people who have been slightly more active at work are forced to work from their downstairs desk [...]

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