Come back stronger…

Now that the world is slowly reopening for business I guess I just want to ask that you be mindful of this situation. Some clients have worked really consistently throughout lockdown and some not so [...]

Slowly, but surely

It still seems to me that despite all that is going on in the world with lockdown still being in place, restrictions being imposed and many social activities out of bounds the world, and everyone [...]

Zone out

I was mooching around online and came across YET ANOTHER ‘fat burning zone’ article. I know I’ve taken time to talk on this before but it is a topic that will be doing the rounds [...]

Keep (f)it simple

There’s a lot to be said about keeping things simple. Seemingly this is becoming more and more difficult to do largely because of the way people now live, and the lengths they’ll go to to [...]

Lemon chicken orzo soup

This recipe is addictively flavourful, creamy, and totally hits the spot. It’s the perfect remedy for a winter cold, thanks to its citrusy lemon and soothing warm temperature. Ingredients: Serves 4 • 1 medium onion, [...]

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