It’s proven that allocating a clear timing for completing a task improves accountability and productivity. Both of which are important factors when it comes to achieving any goal you’ll ever have in mind.
Productivity and accountability aren’t really considered as variables when considering the things you may need to factor in over the course of a fitness journey but it is agreed they are vital components in themselves, and the varying amounts they come in make them variables themselves.
Not one individual has the same pot of variables and factors they have to consider because individuals are different. They all have different lives, lifestyles, work commitments and different obligations to fulfil, all which have an impact on the other variables. Some have more time than others, which means they don’t need to be as productive in a sense, session by session because they have more session time on a net basis, others are really pushed for time and need to be as productive in training, as they may be in other areas of their life whether it be at home or work.
Now lockdown is easing and people are getting a little more freedom, people are relaxing a little and reverting back to how things used to be. The ‘other things’ in life will start to creep back in and their accountability will start to slip, productivity will be reduced as a result and their gains will slow down, stop completely and in some cases revert back to whence they came.
We have a really simple philosophy at Body Planners, ‘If you are persistent you will get it, if you are consistent you will keep it’. It carries quite a punch and is pretty difficult to argue with. We see countless people who aren’t persistent enough. This is largely because of the mail order 24hr world we live in, where next day delivery is possible on pretty much anything you could spend money on. With your body, things take time. Nobody likes that fact, everybody wants tomorrow’s gains today but the harsh reality is, it just doesn’t work like that.
Allowing yourself time to workout has never been easier, now there’s BP Home which is a structured training program, delivered live on Facebook, and left on there for you to complete in the time you might have free.
All you need to do is allow yourself that time, check in with us, and smash each workout to pieces!
Watch your accountability grow, and your productivity go through the roof as each 4 week block takes you through a series of sessions designed to improve your base fitness, balance and coordination, flexibility, strength and power!
The time is right now to create your new health routine and keep yourself consistent as your daily life perhaps starts to change. We can help you with this routine both fitness and nutrition, invest in your health, you will never regret it.
See you there guys!