Within the health and fitness industry there are always reasons, when it comes to results and this works either way.

It’s quite a controversial topic but normally when setting smart goals, if done correctly and a program is set up with the aim to achieve an end product we should ultimately know if A; We have indeed achieved this smart goal, or if we haven’t and B; if we have or haven’t, from the process we’ve followed we should also be able to find the reason behind if we have or if we haven’t.

For weight loss which is the bulk of what we, or to be fair most providers in this industry focus on predominantly it is quite a simple process.

The only thing we need to do in essence is to keep our clients motivated, and engaged with their training and nutrition. Training for weight loss is actually a simple process because any form of activity burns calories, and burned calories contribute to achieving the calorie deficit required to lose weight. It genuinely is as simple as using more calories than you’re consuming, consistently between your measuring periods.

If you weigh in weekly, to see consistent results you need to consistently achieve this calorie deficit to stimulate the weight loss you have in mind.

Take this;

You weigh in on Monday morning, you weigh X. You eat well and train three times in the week and weigh yourself on Monday again to find you weigh X-1lb. You repeat that process and the following Monday you’re X-2, then -3 and so on. In this example this is a positive result because your weight is coming down. So what is the reason? The reason in this example is clear. It’s because the nutrition and training have both been consistent between the weigh and measure periods. Written down it almost seems too simple but it genuinely isn’t a difficult thing to grasp.

What we see often here at Body Planners is that people do so well in weeks one and two when the motivation and accountability are at its peak. This usually means that any hardship along the way is almost dulled down in relation to the high levels of motivation and accountability. This leads to some good results for the week three weigh in and as a result of the consistency, they’ve done really well, achieved a good result and it’s seemed so easy!

This sometimes leads to maybe a missed session, or a little more over indulging in the the fourth week, and a drop in consistency. This then leads to the weigh in telling us a different story and the individuals weight is back to X-2. So what is the reason? The reason is that missed session, and the over indulging combined. Yes, granted it is only one session, potentially but that’s 500 calories less you’ll burn, plus the potentially 1000 other calories if not more hidden in the stuff you’ve indulged in as a reward for your great progress. Ultimately, that consistency that got you that far has broken down, and you’ve taken a backwards step.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter if you’re cruising into week three or four (possibly five by the time this goes out) of your new year new you campaign, or you’re the health and weight management stalwart who’s been training since the dawn of time. Whichever way your results go, there’s always a reason and constant analysis of your performance, your weight, your nutrition and your mindset around what you want to achieve will give you more information, more data to look back over and just more information that will indicate the reasons why you’re being successful, or the reasons why your program, or elements of your program are failing you.

On the whole we know generally people do have things going off within their life and lifestyle that can throw the spanner in the works and nibble away at your progress but the key is to remember your longer term goals, and make the necessary changes so cashing in on the goal is still possible.

We have a high degree of success with our clients at Body Planners because we don’t just let people meander towards a massive goal. We help put smaller goals into their program along the way which underpin the long term goal. Generally when a client succeeds with the smaller stuff day to day such as less calories here, more water there, improvements to sleep and making it to three or four sessions per week they make all of the luck they’ll ever need along the way to achieving something big. We help people replace bad habits with good, and make it part of their lifestyle THAT, is the reason our programs work, and ultimately the reason why our clients choose us, and remain to choose us over anyone else!

If you’re struggling on your journey, come and have a chat, see if we can work out the reasons why you’re not seeing the results you feel you deserve!