6 Benefits of BP: LIFT

  1. Lifting weights is a great way to burn body fat. This is because lifting weights builds muscle. As you increase your levels of lean mass the speed of your metabolism increases. A faster burning metabolism burns more calories both during exercise and at your resting state.
  2. Lifting weights as part of a structured program helps your body gain strength without adding bulk. In actual fact weights will make you smaller when you lift the right weights for the correct intensities. It is a big misconception that muscle is heavier than fat, they weigh the same however, muscle does have less surface area. This is how it is possible to be leaner, heavier and smaller than the ‘lighter’ version of you that stands on the scales.
  3. Lifting weights reduces the risk of osteoporosis, heart disease and diabetes to name a few. Lifting weights also reduces the risk of minor and major injuries, common colds and infections.
  4. As mentioned above, lifting weights helps the body use calories. This is because of the changes it stimulates in the way your body works. Calories are basically the currency your body works in. Every task you do, it demands payment in calories. The more you do, the more calories it requires.
  5. Lifting weights is also one of a few ways to improve your posture. Due to the desk bound society we have become a sedentary working lifestyle is subconsciously encouraged, which isn’t ideal for your posture or burning calories. Sitting for long periods of time encourages the hamstring, glutes, bicep and chest muscles to shorten. This is demonstrated by the rounded back, hunched shoulders, head/neck stuck out look you probably see a lot of. Lifting weights allows you to bring back some balance to your muscles and correct your posture. The big big win for correcting your posture is that it alleviates the pressure through joints, reducing symptoms of pain in the knees, hips and back and reduces the ‘wear and tear’ problems we commonly hear of.
  6. Lifting weights has been proven to enhance mood patterns and reduce stress. This is because lifting weights (and other forms of exercise) release hormones called Endorphins as well as regulate every other hormone that makes your body keep on going. Lifting weights weakens your body temporarily, but only so it can recover and grow back stronger which leaves you feeling absolutely great.

To summarise, lifting weights has a heap of advantages. Some exercises are very very basic making it easy to start, and progress through to more complex, intermediate and advanced exercises.
It’s a challenging process but that makes it rewarding, fun to do and helps you create more goals along the way. Lifting weights has few drawbacks because of its simplicity and effectiveness, in fact the hardest thing can be sometimes plucking up the courage to start.