WHY BP:45 is good for fat loss. If you’re pushed for time, struggle with motivation or maintaining focus through longer styles of training then the Body planners BP:45 program is perfect for you!

BP:45 is our very own take on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and if you haven’t already heard it’s kind of a good thing. BP:45 has stacks of advantages without the drawbacks of other programs. It’s effective, simple, quick to complete and cost effective to do. This means it’s suitable to most.

Let’s take a look at 5 advantages of BP:45 and how it can boost your fat loss.

  1. Burns up to double the calories of a conventional workout in half the time. This is largely because the exercises involve a longer time under tension than resistance training. In fact, the biggest or longest part of resistance training is recovery time, not work time.
  2. Creates the need for your body to use calories after the workout has ended for upto 36 hours (Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption). This means that your body will use more calories over a longer period of time rather than spending longer periods of time doing steady state cardio training.
  3. Combines compound conditioning exercises with cardiovascular exercises meaning no muscle gets left behind. This means you’ll develop some shape, and burn some fat session by session. This will also encourage the growth of new muscle tissue which means your body will burn even more calories.
  4. The workouts are varied due to the short sharp nature of the structure of the session. As pointed out above with conventional training techniques the rest periods are longer than the work periods. With BP:45 the work periods are longer, there are more of them and less recovery between yielding an overall higher workload in less time.
  5. BP:45 accelerated metabolic rate largely due to the above reasons. This means over time your body will eat away at your excess fat and you’ll become leaner, fitter and stronger!

These are just 5 benefits but there are many more and depending who you speak to the list will grow because different people take away different things from it.

The biggest benefit of BP:45 is that it is fully Heart Rate Monitored. This means the trainer can see exactly who is working at what intensity in relation to their maximum theoretical heart rate. This means you can work scientifically towards achieving greater fat loss. Since we introduced HR Monitoring to BP:45 we have seen an increase in individuals work rate across the board, and this is all monitored and recorded in Polar Flow which is a platform for you the individual to compare your own efforts side by side, and view how your fitness friends have performed in the same session.

The bottom line is, HIIT is a good thing to add in to your weekly regime with very little drawbacks. It will help you burn fat, get fitter, stronger, leaner and help you achieve the shape you’re looking to!