Are you too busy for fat loss?

I’m sure your first response would be “yes”, but the harsh and brutal truth is you’re not. You just have to work out some routine, and prioritise a few things and form better habits to help you succeed in your quest for the fat loss holy grail. It has been proven time and time again that our clients are more successful than the average gym goer. Get fit and keep fitter by developing simple, manageable routines and forming better habits. We can help you do this and continue to do this. We want to build lasting results for a sustainable lifestyle.

Many busy people lose weight and get in shape.
Here’s how…

  1. Schedule your weekly workouts.
  2. Plan your weekly meals.
  3. Plan your food prep, and the prep what you can in advance.
  4. Check and double check what’s occurring in your social life, meals out, events and other things that may sabotage your efforts.
  5. Track your food in advance this will give you a better idea of how many (if any) macros you may have spare.
  6. Always carry healthy snacks such as boiled eggs, protein bars/ mousse or snack pot as well as water in your car/ workbag.

We see and hear it all the time that people are too busy to lose weight. Although being time poor may be a physical barrier to getting to the gym or fitting in your workout there is absolutely no reason you can’t retrain your brain to make the healthiest decision to better suit your body and choosing the nutrient rich real food option over the poor quality, under nourishing high calorie alternative!

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Group training is a great way for busy people to plan their week to maximise fat loss.

  • Small group training sessions in our bespoke built studios.
  • 2 x trainer led weight based sessions per week, one concentrating on strength the other focusing endurance.
  • Choice of up to 10 x heart monitored circuit/cardio sessions.
  • Show you how to track and monitor your calorie and macro split daily.
  • Provide you a meal plan to your calorie requirement.
  • Across the month you will have access to a minimum of 12 sessions and the option to attend up to 20 sessions.

So how much is this all going to cost I hear you say?

Well if I told you this is available at the less than a cost of a single 1hour session with a Personal trainer, would you be interested?

If I said that you are going to rejuvenate your lifestyle for less than the cost of a Costa coffee a day, would you think that investment in your body and health was worth it?