Heavy weight fat loss.

You’re probably hearing of and seeing more and more ladies ditching the monotonous cardio machines big commercial gyms and studio style weights training. But why? What’s the catch? The catch is there isn’t one. It’s not because they feel pressured by Jodie Glutes or Billy Guns on their social media streams. It’s not because it’s fashionable to do PT or Group Training. It’s purely because they have seen, heard or know of somebody who’s achieved real results by training with a trainer or in a small dedicated group. Gone are the days where the only way to burn calories and tone up is by doing hours of cardio and lifting baby weights for 50 Reps at a time. In fact, that is now proven ineffective against lifting heavy (heavy for you) weights.

It is because dedicated industry professionals like our own BP trainers have been educating clients and dispelling myths day in day out that people’s mentalities are slowly changing. More women are starting to understand that muscle and fat weigh the same, muscle just has less surface area, thus they become smaller though the scale may not show that. Also more women are starting to understand that lifting heavy weights won’t make them bulky. In actual fact, it’s incredibly difficult for a woman to bulk up naturally just by lifting heavy weights, because they have lower levels of testosterone (which is the body’s own growth hormone). The truth is that the old way, was the only way that was ever showcased, or sold to unsuspecting ladies so it was the only way that worked (or so it seemed).

Women who have lifted weights as part of a structured program understand what it’s like to train smart, maximising their precious time in the gym as opposed to spending countless hours achieving much less. They know what it feels like to have a regulated mood and sleep pattern, and how good it feels to have hormones regulated properly. That’s why when we put our clients through a resistance training program, and they achieve great results in a timeframe shorter than their expectations they don’t want to go back to pointless cardio and faffing with The Borrowers Dumbbells.

Admittedly, it may have taken a lot to get them in and lift weights in the short term, such as the playful slogan ‘Strong is the new skinny’ or ‘Go heavy or go home’ But the bottom line is… lifting heavy weights will benefit you whether you’re male or female, older or younger, starting your fitness journey or training to achieve something big (even though starting your fitness journey is big in its self!). The Body Planners client age ranges from 17 to 71, all lifting heavy (for them) weights, achieving results they can measure. Wake up and smell the coffee, wake up and lift the (heavy) weights!