Or at least doesn’t work in the long run. We see this time and time again at Body Planners where we take on new clients, they come down and apply themselves really hard and cross all of the T’s and I’s. As a reward they achieve so much in a short space of time but how much of that is actually down to will power alone? The truth is, not a lot. In fact, in our Blueprint For Life we haven’t even felt the need to mention it before. It is partially a requirement to have will power to help you achieve what you’re setting out to but it isn’t the be all and end all approach. A trend we see at Body Planners is that people apply themselves in the gym, out of the gym with food and exercise, achieve something awesome and because they’ve done just that, they take a reward usually food or drink orientated. This can be the beginning of the end, and actually force you back into those old ways which got you to where you were in the first instance.

At Body Planners we use a holistic approach, and encourage our clients to implement small changes which will have a positive effect, replace old habits and make things become your new lifestyle as opposed to just some chore you feel the need to do because you want your body to be a nice coat hanger. Every other provider will try and shoe horn you into a one size fits all strategy to help you lose weight and tone up but the truth is, what works for one might not work for another. One persons habits are completely different to an others. Jobs and lifestyles vary drastically and therefore, the training and nutrition need to work with those factors in mind.

When it comes to achieving your goals your preparation is where you need to be the strongest. Make the decision in advance, and stand by it. From when you’re going to train, to what you’re going to eat and when it is going to get eaten. You have to be committed. If you have an easy come easy go mentality with this the chances are you will make more excuses than progress, and you don’t deserve the amazing rewards if you’re not investing the required time and effort, not to mention the monetary investment.

LAY SOMETHING ON THE LINE: It is worth laying something down on the line for your goals. Put something out there whether that is paying a trainer to keep you accountable, or investing in other things to keep up your levels of motivation.

BE CONSISTENT: Pick the days you’re going to train, and make sure you train on those days. Don’t let anything come between you and the session. Check your diary in advance for work and social commitments and work your schedule around it. What are you REALLY doing at 6.15 in the morning?

MAKE A PLAN: Now you’ve chosen the training days, identify what you want out of every session. Taking away small victories every time you do battle with your training session is far better mentally than waiting to win the war in 3 months time! Plan your food, and eat the food you’ve planned. At Body Planners we work out your macro nutrients so you can plan a weeks worth of food. Plan 3 daily meals and a snack (or two on training days) that fit in your macros, and have them on the same day next week, and the week after. We recommend changing your food plan every 4 to 6 weeks to keep things fresh.

WRITE IT DOWN, AND READ IT REGULARLY: I was saying to a client the other day how much more productive I am using a white board than any other means. Making a note in your phone, or just ‘remembering’ what you want from training or what your food is for the day wont cut it. Write it down for real, and place it somewhere you will see it regularly. Don’t just type it into your phone, put it in your pocket and forget about it. Once it is written down its easier to see why you are going to all of the effort, and hassle to make yourself a healthier and more active person.

Don’t be a victim of your own weaknesses. Take control of the situation and don’t leave anything to chance. Chance will have you stay right where you are.