Firstly, what even is Suspension Training? Suspension training is simply a method of training whereby a percentage of your body weight is used to place your muscles under load, or stress in order to makethem stronger, more durable and more efficient.

In short, it’s a great way to help you lose weight and get fit. This is largely because exercises using suspension trainers incorporate all of the major muscle groups in the body, they also incorporate the core muscles and deep stabilisers.

Suspension training is really effective because it is really unstable, so your muscles have to work harder, and together as a team or chain of muscles to provide stability as well as movement. As a rule, the more muscle you recruit, or utilise at the same time, the more calories you will burn at that particular time.

Suspension training is still uncommon in most gym environments. This is probably because the equipment or ideology of
suspension training is widely misinterpreted or overlooked. In terms of athleticism, there aren’t many athletes who are stronger, leaner, as powerful or as flexible as a gymnast. Whilst you see and appreciate the gymnast holding form or shape hanging from bars or rings, you’re overlooking the fact they’re using a suspension trainer, and the
benefits suspension training holds for you, individually. I’m not at all saying you should be able to perform countless loops on olympic rings and dismount with a series of flips into a firm landing, but you should seriously look into the benefits of suspension training.

Suspension training is great for weight loss, body conditioning, strengthening muscle groups, improving muscular endurance, flexibility and core strength! It is a staple piece of equipment in the Body Planners studio, the blueprint for life program and BP:45. The movements go from basic beginner movements right through intermediate, to advanced. Suspension training is as beneficial to the veteran gym goer, and the novice trainer alike! Don’t wait in suspense, give it a go!