We were talking the other day in the studio about the plethora of ‘diet and exercise’ fads that make social media pages, newspapers and mainstream television as a result of celebrity endorsement.

This lead into a conversation about a particular show running on the TV basically giving people a brief introduction or outlook (not an education) to the many ways people try (and fail) to lose weight, and keep it off. So from all of the ‘diets’ out there which you could really buy into, which one is the best?

To us here at Body Planners the answer is obvious but to the untrained, desperate to lose weight eye, you’ll buy into them all! This is normally because there are a couple of subjects or individuals trialling the ‘diet’ of choice, they
generally have a long way to go (which is fine, wait for it) and they do yield good results. Most products available promise unrivalled results in unthinkable time spans usually by encouraging the worlds most aggressive calorie deficit but in actual fact, a deficit that is too aggressive is unhealthy, dangerous and not even the best way to go
about losing the weight you want to lose. Whether it’s a shake replacement diet scheme or stupid advice to completely cut a particular food group out, you will eventually come unstuck and rebound any progress! This has also been seen on the TV, because the regimes are too rigid for most people (including you) in modern society, they don’t offer any ‘breathing space’ or room for error, and that is before you even take in the cost. It’s all good and well if you live alone and only yourself to sustain, if you’re a small family unit and theres extra mouths to feed, extra expense isn’t always an option. Bull up or nay say any ‘quick fix’ that works, it doesn’t matter which one you pick it is going to fail you because that is what they are designed to do. They are out to make you so confused about
food choice, and to think ‘their way’ is the only way! Body Planners is here to tell you otherwise! In fact, co-founder, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant Rachel, has first hand experience (read her bio and you’ll see what I mean) with SOME of the things you see on TV. She will also tell you herself that the only way to get the job done for good is to do it right in the first place. That means, eat lot’s of rubbish, start by eating not as much rubbish and keep repeating the process until you don’t eat much rubbish if any at all.

We encourage our clients to make small changes, that are sustainable and become a good habit as opposed to feeling like you have to. We educate our clients about food groups and what types of food they should eat lots of, and not so much of. It does differ from person to person that is granted but the fundamentals are the same, and thee answer to the question I asked at the beginning of all this is…

The best diet, is the one you can stick to the most consistently, fits your budget and doesn’t feel complicated or stress you out. You’re already on a diet, you’re always on a diet because ‘a diet’ is what you consume, but what you see in the media are examples of ‘a fad diet’. Changing your current diet will naturally remove unwanted calories from your existing diet, nourish your body a lot more effectively and SAVE YOU MONEY! Further to saving cash, you’ll save time too! This is because you’ll be setting off on the right foot and consistently making progress, not worrying when (not if) its all going to stop working and you take the rebound! If you think you’d benefit from having your macros calculated (they change too! Another thing big diet tycoons don’t tell you) and finally starting as you mean to go on, give us a shout!