The biggest question we get asked at Body Planners is how much weight should I lose? More specifically how much weight should I lose in an allotted time?

Ironically, there is no right and wrong answer for this one because weight loss relies on a few different factors. It is understood that somebody who has more to lose will probably lose weight at a greater rate than somebody smaller, or someone who doesn’t have as far to go, though by percentage both parties may lose the equivalent in the same time. I always advise my clients that a weight loss shouldn’t be expected to be more than 2lb per week. Further to that, we also advise having a regular weigh in day, as opposed to weighing every day. This is because in a 7 day period there will be fluctuations in your physical weight due to different daily energy intakes, fluid retentions and calorie expenditures. As long as the general trend over a period of time is downward, you’re doing fine!

In most cases, the further on your journey you get the more difficult it becomes, and seeing those numbers you are reducing, getting smaller and smaller each time can start to play on your mind, but they all add up! This is more an exercise of expectation, and getting your expectations right, as opposed to trying to make a program or package fit your expectations. We use a combination of circumference measurements on key sites combined with a scale weight reading to ensure you’re making a positive shift. So long as the numbers are decreasing, consistently over time, you’re consistently getting the job done.

Not everything can be done in the gym. Losing weight is a result of maintaining a calorie deficit. The calorie deficit only remains if you keep unwanted calories, out of your body. Being strict, and mindful all week over your nutrition can soon be reversed, if not made worse by having a wild weekend eating takeaways, sweets and alcohol. The easiest way to be in calorie deficit is to not eat the things which will take the deficit away!

Bottom line, if you consistently use slightly more energy than your body is consuming on a daily basis, the results will only ever be positive! That one pound one week, 2 the next and 2 the week after is almost half a stone! What’s wrong with that?

Picture this; If you lost half a kg (1.1lb) every week for a whole year that would be a loss of 57.2 lb (26kg for the metric people). That is a whopping 4 stone! Which you have to say is remarkable, and a true testament to being consistent, and that losing just half a kg per week, or even half a pound is better than gaining half a pound per week!