Believe it or not If we had a pound for every time we heard ‘The Barnsley War Cry’ at Body Planners, we wouldn’t even need to work!

This however doesn’t change our passion for getting you moving more than you are, and eating more of the things you should be. 9 times out of 10 we get an email or message on Instagram or Facebook just asking us about the price, that is it. Rarely we get any enquiries about what a client actually gets for their investment. I must stress at this point that whenever some one asks what they get, and how can we help them achieve their goals, rather than how much, they usually enrol.

You could go to a middle of the road fitness provider or even a council run scheme tonight and get a gym membership with all the bells and whistles for £30 per month. I could go to every class they have, at any venue they operate, with any trainer they employ. BRILLIANT?!

Not really, no. This is because although it is encouraging that you could indeed attend any class at any site with any trainer, you have multiple sources of advice which isn’t great if you already don’t know what you should be doing. Any one of your questions would be answered in many ways which will just add to the minefield of confusion. Another bummer we see with commercial gyms is that you’re pretty much guaranteed to locked into a contract, but don’t worry, because you’re monthly joiner number 64 they’ll waive your joining fee and make you feel special. Little do you know at this point (because you’re momentarily the most committed human in history right now) they already know it isn’t going to work for you. They already know that you probably won’t last more than 2 to 3 months, you’re just going to be another big gym sponsor to the tune of £30 per month (making your investment total £360 for 3 Months of ineffective classes/ £120 per month). Hardly deal of the century! Suddenly it does not sound that great value , does it? I must also stress at this point that the above case is real, because some of our Body Planners have admitted they themselves have done it. We’re not having a go, and it is commendable that you are actively trying to do something to better your health and wellbeing. We’re simply saying, don’t put a price tag on it, and alter your budget for other things, to suit! 

So, now I’ve said nobody asks what you get for £99 per month you all want to know right? I will tell you. For £99 per month you get to train in our bespoke training studio, with like minded people and passionate trainers. All of the Body Planner trainers have first hand experience with achieving real, measurable results with real people, who once had no idea what they should be doing to look a certain way, improve health or performance and reduce risk of illness and life threatening diseases. We will work out the amount of calories your individual body can handle, not your friends, not your pets, yours. We will show you how to track your food, tell you where to buy your ingredients, even how to cook them. All you have to do is turn up, train smart and live smart and apply yourself out of the studio as much as you do in the studio. I dare even guarantee that, if you train with us at least 3 times per week, track all of your food and consume only that, your goal will become your achievement!

So instead of thinking ‘How much does your package cost?’ Think ‘How much is my health worth?’.

Oh, you might be asking why we had an image of a rather nice coffee for this article, well for the price of that daily barista hit you could change  your lifestyle by improving your health and fitness for ever! Of course you could still enjoy your daily coffee but why not make it at home instead of giving your hard earned money over to a large corporate machine.