Ok so at Body Planners we’re hardly inundated with clients specifically wanting to boost their immune system, which probably doesn’t sound surprising to anyone. BUT, little did you know, regular exercise and training helps regulate hormones which support immune system health.

Our immune system is constantly working to remain strong and infection free by destroying harmful bacteria known as pathogens, yet to most people, they only become aware of their immune system when they identify cold, flu or symptoms of infection or disease. With this in mind lets take a look at ways you can boost your immune system and help fight pathogens around the clock, in any physical state.

1. Eat foods high in anti oxidants.

Vitamin C is good to prevent colds and flu, right. The reason that Vitamin C can be beneficial is because it’s an antioxidant. Here are some Body Planners recommendations for foods rich in antioxidants:

* Berries, such as cherries and blueberries,

* Dark chocolate,

* Pecans,

* Artichoke,

* Coffee,

* Kidney beans,

* Green tea,

* Apples,

* Vegetables such as tomatoes and greens,

* Oily fish

Antioxidants play an important role in reducing cell death on a daily basis, which over the long term reduces the signs of ageing, helps us live longer, and fights off diseases such as cancer.

2. Regularly Consume Garlic

Garlic provides us with  lots of beneficial effects for our physique and health. Garlic has been used to fight off illnesses for centuries. The bioactive compound in garlic, Allicin has anti-bacterial properties which can potentially prevent illnesses, and there it is evidenced that it promotes cell death in some cancers. A study was conducted into the effects of consuming garlic regularly, and the subject group consuming garlic had an illness rate 40% less of the other subject group!

3. Improve Your Gut Health

Your gut health is important for reduction in disease risk, increasing fat loss and muscle growth. If you improve and repair your gut, you’ll make it easier to achieve your fitness, and health goals. NOTE, this part should be conducted the whole time you’re away from the gym or your training sessions. Your gut plays an important role in the breakdown of bodily toxins and acting as a natural detox system for the body. Around two-thirds of your body’s entire immune cells are found in the gut walls. The best ways in our opinion to improve gut health are as follows:

*Eat more vegetables and fibre that have numerous health benefits and can improve your gut health and gut microbiome.

*Help reduce stress and excessive cortisol by making positive lifestyle changes, sleeping more, reducing processed food intake. Big one!

*Exercise on a regular basis.

*Reduce inflammation, which increases your unhealthy gut bacteria.

* Improve your healthy gut bacteria with pre and probiotics.    

Finally to top this off we recommend the use of these supplements. Remember a supplement is to help boost the intake of something, not to replace a food group or item!

*Vitamin C: A well-known vitamin for fighting off the common cold and flu. Despite popular belief, it is not as powerful as garlic; however, it can help you recover faster when you are already run down or ill.

*Zinc: A vital mineral with over 200 chemical reactions within the body, zinc can help boost your testosterone and support your immune system.

*Vitamin D: One of the latest “superfoods” to emerge, Vitamin D is a super vitamin that functions more like a hormone. It can boost testosterone while also helping to boost your immune system and fat loss.

*Glutamine: When we train, around 70-90% of our body’s glutamine stores are depleted. It plays an important role in recovery, along with feeding your gut and supporting your immune system.

Remember, a healthy inside will help you achieve a healthy outside. You are what you eat! Step away from processed alternatives, make meals from fresh with the best ingredients you can physically afford! Eat a colourful palate and you’ll be well on your  way to improving your gut health and boosting your immune system, and therefore the chances of achieving ANY of the goals you have set yourself.