TRX, or Total-body Resistance eXercise, aka those scary looking straps with handles dangling from the gym ceiling or rig are actually a really good ‘go anywhere’ ‘use anytime’ tool when it comes to your Strength, Endurance or Flexibility/ Mobility program. Massively overlooked by a good proportion of gym goers and providers alike, probably because it doesn’t seem ‘hardcore’ enough at the side of heavy barbells and plyometric jump boxes, the use of ‘Suspension Training’ (that’s what TRX is) is a surefire way to inject some interest, challenge and fun to your workouts. This is all achievable because Suspension Training is easy to grasp. You perform basic, intermediate or complex movements with either your hands on the handles, or the feet in the loops, end of! So what makes it so effective? Well because either your feet or hands are on the floor whilst the rest of your body is under load, it allows the nervous system to recruit (or engage) pretty much every muscle group in the body at the same time. This allows the muscles to activate as a ‘chain’ rather than in isolation, which means more energy usage, or higher calorie burn. This will have significant gains on your body composition as well as your strength and endurance development. Also because muscles are either assisting as secondary muscles or doing the moving and shaking as primary muscles in every movement (whilst your core has to hold it all together) it naturally restores balance in any program, which can yield significant improvements to core strength, posture and reduce the aches and pain symptoms of overuse and misalignment issues. The TRX is perfect for the newbie, and seasoned gym goer.

The bottom line is, if you’re strapped for time or on the move, using a TRX is better than chinning it off and missing out! If your current gym program has taken a dip and you’re not feeling it, give it a whirl!
We use TRX in some BP Lift and BP 45 sessions to add fun, function and challenge into our programs.