Many people think working in the fitness industry is an easy ticket. This is largely because all that most people see is the 45 to 60 minutes of session time they get, two to 3 times per week. They don’t see or hear too much of the countless studies happening on a regular basis, or the research in to new fads coming in and chancing their mettle against the long standing ‘go to’ training systems.

Just the other day we heard of a study whereby 72 individuals were split into 2 subject groups of ‘younger 18-30’ and ‘older 65-80’ year olds and then prescribed one of 3 12 week programs. The programs were HIIT Cycling, Strength, or a combination of the two.
It was noted come the end of the study that ALL training had positive impacts on body composition and insulin sensitivity, but only HIIT and a combination of the two programs improved aerobic and muscle function. This is because Strength training combats the effects of ageing, and actually assists protein synthesis which promotes the development of lean muscle, and therefore counteracts the ageing process and slows things down. Also, HIIT has been proven to help with protein synthesis, allowing lean mass to develop in size which allows muscles to act more effectively in energetic functions which further helps fight the ageing process, making ‘slowing down’ a thing of the past.
We encourage people to train effectively in any case, but the reasons listed above, which have been researched by people with bigger and better resources than us certainly show that we understand at BP that it’s important to combine the two training types, and supervision helps with your accountability both in and out of sessions. It is for this reason we offer BP Lift, and BP45 sessions, so you can adopt an accountable well rounded approach to a balanced training program.