Seven reasons why we think Deadlifts are magnificent are;
1. They are good for building strength. This is because they are a compound exercise. Compound exercises operate through more than one joint and muscle group, meaning muscles have to work as a team and pull together, as opposed to working in isolation.
2. They are good for building endurance. This is because they utilise a lot of muscle at the same time. When you use lots of muscle at the same time the oxygen requirements are greater. This often means that your working muscles have to share the available oxygen between them. This trains them to function with limited oxygen, and deal with lactic acid build up more efficiently.
3. They strengthen all of your ‘pull’ muscles. This is because the Deadlift is a pulling exercise. When we pull something, it typically means the same muscles operate in their primary role, and the secondaries too. Doing Deadlifts as part of a workout will help improve your strength and posture on other pulling exercises.
4. They use lots of energy. This is because like squats, they use a lot of muscle, and lots of muscle usage means lots of calorie burning. Calories add up, and when it comes to burning fat or losing weight, you want as many on your side as possible.
5. They can be done as a workout, or part of a workout. This is because of their nature as an exercise. This is a compound exercise, using your entire chain of muscles one way or another, to bring the bar from the ground, to your hips. If you were doing them as part of a workout you’d typically go for 3 to 4 sets of 5 to 10 reps. If you’re feeling strong, try 10 sets of 10 separated by a 1 Minute rest interval. The aim with the latter is to not reduce the weight, so start sensibly!
6. The help maintain good posture. This is because a Deadlift is typically identified as a posterior chain activator, meaning the muscles on the back half of our body take the brunt. Due to the onset of sedentary lifestyle I’m most adults these days, the shoulders become rounded due to shortened chest muscles, and arms bent because of mouse driving shortened biceps. Deadlifts are a great way to tell your nervous system to let those muscles ease off, and strengthen the muscles required to hold a good posture.
7. Deadlifts are effective, fun and challenging. There’s something about them that is just raw, and primitive. Many of men have tried their hand at beating the next guy at lifting the most. Many women have reaped the rewards of just getting stuck in. Free weights used to be a bit of ‘a mans thing’ in the gym, but research has proven that deadlifts are good to do whether you’re brand new to living healthy and working out, or a seasoned vet at all things training and nutrition.