Baby yoga is an amazing activity that has numerous health benefits for babies and helps to promote positive mental health for both mums and infants.

A variety of movements, postures and stretches promote general health and support the development of many systems in the body. Baby yoga can help to strengthen muscles, increase baby’s co-ordination and support the development of sensory awareness.

Attending a baby yoga class provides much needed relaxation time for parents and offer a fantastic opportunity to bond with your baby. The positive touching incorporated in baby yoga releases oxytocin and endorphins for both mum and baby and this helps them both to feel close and connected. Baby yoga classes with The Mindful Mum Club include songs and music and this helps to support the baby’s language development and communication skills.

Taking part in baby yoga can help to provide relief for babies who are struggling with pain caused by colic, wind or constipation. It also encourages tummy time and active play, which are very important for supporting babies to become fully mobile. Baby yoga increases circulation and supports the lymphatic system, which removes toxins from the body and helps to fight off infections and illnesses.

The vestibular system is also supported by taking part in baby yoga, due to the inclusion of lots of sensory stimulus such as massage, movement and music. This system helps the entire nervous system to function correctly and helps a baby to develop balance, control eye movements and interpret sensory information.

Baby yoga also supports the development of the proprioceptive system. This system allows an individual to control their arms and legs and to have an awareness of the position of their body. Baby yoga helps to develop the proprioceptive system as the exercises move the body in a controlled manner. This helps the baby to become more aware of their movements and the position of their body. This means that they will begin to investigate and explore their body more.

The somatosensory system, which relates to touch, is also supported by baby yoga. Touch gives a baby awareness of their body and helps them to respond to pressure, sensation and temperature. Baby yoga gives the baby lots of stimulus and sensory stimulation and therefore supports the development of their information processing skills.

In conclusion Baby Yoga is a fantastic way of supporting your baby’s physical and mental development, while bonding and having fun together.

The Mindful Mum Club runs classes at Body Planners personal training studio on Wednesdays 1-2pm. These sessions are priced at £7.50 per session or you can book a block of six for £40. We always end the class with a drink and biscuits so that there’s time to chat and make new friends too!