Not many people in the fitness industry would advocate this means of recovery because there are a fair few other ways under the different categories we’ve spoke about already to help get that recovery edge.
There comes a point where if your body needs it, your body needs it. The main thing with a complete rest day is that it allows your body to recuperate, and your nervous system to recover. It allows you time to think about why you started what you started and time to think about how far you’ve come, things you might look at changing or things you might start adding in. These are great because it leaves your body and mind very little to do other than maximise its rest time. Complete rest days are recommended for people who have seriously over reached and are in need of quality recovery. Complete rest days are also recommended to those carrying or fighting illness, as training through it can often make symptoms worse and make it difficult for your body to fight infection. If you’ve lost your mojo a complete rest day is good, just make sure that a complete rest day in this case, is just a day.