We constantly hear of people who don’t have the time to train or workout, but our argument always is there’s always something you can do.
NEAT isn’t new by any means. It’s actually a term used by nutritionists and dieticians to help them determine a clients energy requirements.
It stands for Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. Basically, everything we do as existing body’s requires energy in the way of calories. Obviously we eat these calories for our body to draw nutrients from to best fuel our body for the tasks it has to do.
NEAT is something you should give thoughts to especially if you are that time crunched keep fitter, because you can boost your gains by making simple adaptations in your lifestyle to burn more calories across the board. More calories burned, more fat lost.
An example of this would be using the actual staircase at work rather than the escalator or elevator. Don’t sit down when you can stand up, that 10 minute wait at the bus or train stop could be a steady walk up and down, that 15 minute journey on the train could be a 15 minute stand, all of which burns more calories than its sitting down predecessor. When you order lunch, go and get it as opposed to waiting for it being delivered to your place of work, the 5 or 10 minutes walk in each direction will burn more calories than simply ordering online, going down in the lift to collect it and back up the escalator to your office to eat it in secrecy.
Already in writing this, I have found upto 85 minutes (2 x 10 minute waits, 2 x 15 minute commutes, 2 x 10 minute walk for lunch and all the standing between) of calorie burning you never knew you could do!
You might not have time to do structured training and that’s fair enough but you need to think outside the box with what you see as dead time.