When you want to change your body shape you need to be thinking about adding in more weight training sessions and less of the boring, steady cardio sessions.
Lifting weights benefits fat loss and physical change more effectively than cardio alone, largely down to the signals it creates for our nervous system to respond to. Weights are not just for building muscle, just as cardio is not just for losing weight both have to be done systematically to create optimum performance or optimum results. Weight training works on a principle of progressive overload, where the body is stressed, allowed to recover and stressed again. In truth cardio works the same way but the fitter you become aerobically means your body will burn less calories through being more efficient and is therefore counterproductive to getting strong, lean and in shape. Getting in shape is definitely not about banging out a few bootcamps and chugging on some meal replacements. Your food needs to be on point, as does your training.
The good news?
We can help you achieve sustainable, healthy, results that you can measure. Taking you to a stronger, leaner, healthier and more confident you.
It’s amazing how many of our clients get comments form friends and family about how well they look. It is not that they have simply lost weight, more how they look leaner and healthier.
Enquire today about our small group training program or personal training sessions and get the body you always wanted.