These bacon and egg breakfast muffins are really tasty and because they are protein rich fill you up and prevent hunger pangs later in the day.  We make these the night before and warm up and eat the next morning but you can also take to work or eat on the go.

INGREDIENTS: (makes 12 muffins)

  • 12 rashers of back bacon
  • 6  free range eggs
  • 400 grams grated courgette (aprox 1 medium courgette)
  • 60 grams grated parmesan
  • Black pepper to taste


Line muffin tins with bacon rasher, one rasher per muffin curve around base and push in so no spaces are left. this makes the container for the egg mixture.

In a bowl mix/whisk the eggs , grated courgette, grated cheese and grind of black pepper.

Spoon the egg mixture into the bacon lined muffin spaces to the level of the bacon.

Place in a pre warmed oven at 170 degrees and cook for 20/25 mins until cooked through and golden.

Remove from muffin trays while warm and leave to cool or eat immediately.

MACROS: (per muffin)

Calories: 159

Fats: 12 grams

Protein: 13 grams

Carbs: 1 gram