I’m not teaching you to cross a road or train track here, I’m simply going to say that contrary to many peoples’ disbelief, you don’t have to lose fat to get fit, and you don’t have to get fit to lose fat. You also don’t need to lose weight to start a training program or embark on a journey to achieve a healthier, leaner, fitter you.

We hear it a lot at Body Planners, but in honestly the best time to start is now. Right now, in fact.
With the growing number of social occasions in our lives from birthdays (yours, your friends or relatives), weddings, celebration days like national ‘whatever’ days there’s always going to be something you’ll see as a barrier or a saboteur to your would be efforts. Something that just makes you think ‘why bother?’. Admittedly these things will come up but with enough preparation these things can also be negotiated with damage limitation in mind.
If you’ve been following us for a while you’ll know that we’re not ‘about’ transformations over a short term. We help our clients to improve their decision making when it comes to nutrition. We help them make a series of small changes to create new, healthier habits to sustain good health and wellbeing. The majority of which aren’t even anything to do with a training environment they’re about your approach to becoming the healthier and fitter you that you have in your mind.
It takes a lot to commit, we get that. It’s daunting, we get that too but you have to set that fear aside for the first session at least, and take every other session one at a time like you do with anything else. Slowly but surely you’ll start to feel better about the whole thing, to the point where you’re left wondering why you found it tough to start in the first place.
What ever your barrier is, chances are we’ve helped someone with the same or similar problems. We pride ourselves on giving you up to date, relevant information so you can start creating healthy habits, and the healthier you without delay.
If you need help, ask. If you’re still not convinced, take a look at our other articles and recipes that will get you going in the right direction.