Firstly, we’d just like to say we’re overwhelmed by our current clients response to the way we’ve being forced to operate for an unknown duration, running into the future. We are hugely grateful and thankful of the support and the loyalty we’ve been shown, and it’s mainly for this reason we’ve found it necessary to fight on and  deliver quality sessions to you in your own homes.
On-line training and explanation:
Previously or more formally an online training plan is different to the way we’re going about it. This is because a trainer will send you a program for you to do your training with the equipment you have, and in a gym you’re a member of but with the lockdown fast approaching and gyms already ordered to close, the programs lose their effectiveness unless you have your own equipment. You get regular contact with your trainer through email or by phone and sometimes even on social media where you’ll receive feedback and progressions or regressions on your workouts.
It used to be that you could train for anything online such as strength training, body building or training for endurance but the brutal truth is in these current times it’s going to be tough to do that without access to the necessary training equipment and environments. No heavy weights around the house means strength workouts are going to struggle unless you really understand how the body reacts to different stimulus. No pools, upright bikes and treadmills means means cardio respiratory training may suffer so alternatives have to be found and, in this current situation the alternatives need to be doable in a very small space that you might have around the house.
BP online Group training system:
As a result of all this we are going to run a comprehensive group training system fully online via our Facebook group. The sessions will be done live so you can still workout at the times you’ve been used to. The live videos will be available afterwards, so  if you’re busy at 6.30am so you can catch it up later on. The massive benefits of using this online approach and what is today’s basic technology is that we can repay the loyalty of our customers and continue to help them look after their health and wellbeing. The workouts are going to be challenging but rewarding, and will help you remain mentally fit throughout these otherwise difficult times. It’ll be a 45 minute breakaway from the stress of the day and will help you process some of your thoughts a little better afterwards.
There’s no replacement for coming down to the studio and seeing your group training compatriots, but by taking it online in the best way we can we are able to still create a group atmosphere. People can post up on things they’d like to see in the workouts, things they found difficult or even enjoyed. For the ones with activity trackers they can post their data online which brings a sense of accountability. It is a work in progress but we are all of the opinion of a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing right. The first workout went on Facebook this morning and is still available. Give it a go, you might enjoy it!