At the moment social media is rife with ‘funnies’ to make light of a rather dull and difficult situation we’re currently existing through. From armoured shopping trolleys to intimidate anyone who dare step between you and the toilet roll, to quirky outfits designed to filter out bacteria wanting to infiltrate the body, it’s all on there! It does leave one thinking is there oat else I can do? Oat that will help keep me healthy, without the stigmatisation of stocking masks, gloves, paracetamol and who knows what else?
Well, actually… there is. It has come to light that Oatmeal contains immune system boosting enzymes which trick your body into thinking it is under attack. This creates an auto immune response and your body starts creating enzymes to fight this so called infectious attack. This in theory, creates an army of antibodies which will be present and ready to fight any real infection and reduce the risk of anything which does manage to get into your system being long term.
It is said that 40g (one portion) of rolled oats contain 2-3g of the enzymes mentioned above which is by far greater than any other source of the same enzyme. Although a daily consumption of oatmeal is ideal for this to work, it certainly isn’t imperative. Oats every few days should provide enough to have a positive effect.
Other effects of consuming oatmeal are;
  • It is high in fibre which is difficult to breakdown, leaving you feel fuller for longer. This helps avoid snacking.
  • It is good for weight loss, and weight management because of the reasons above. In addition to this, it is high in carbohydrates which will fuel your training perfectly. A higher calorie burn in sessions means more effective weight loss and management.
  • Oatmeal is a complex carbohydrates and low on the glycemic index. This means your body won’t have a sharp insulin spike from the time of consumption and the energy release is slower, and lasts longer than simple sources of carbohydrates.
  • Consuming oatmeal can reduce your daily calorie intake substantially, according to a study of High GI vs Low GI breakfasts, people consuming Low GI breakfasts consumed less calories over the course of the day.
  • Other health benefits are improved immune function, reduced risk against type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and helps lower cholesterol.
Oats and oatmeal are really versatile, obviously they’re a staple ingredient to porridge, but you can use ground oats in pre or post workout supplement shakes, overnight oats or even home made oatmeal biscuits.