These protein scones with mixed berry chia jam are an  healthy alternative cream tea. The oat flour scones are gluten free they are also oil free, they are not too sweet so go well with the chia jam.


Scones – 

100 grams of rolled oats (grind these to make flour)

100ml of Almond milk

150 grams of coconut yoghurt

1 free range egg

15 grams of protein powder (we used vanilla)

1 Teaspoon of vanilla extract ( not essence)

1 Teaspoon of cinnamon

handful of frozen raspberries

Chia Jam – 

50 grams of frozen of mixed berries

2 Tablespoons Chia seeds


First preheat your oven to 190 degrees and line /grease muffins tin tray. Grind your oats in something like a nutribullet to get a flour consistency. Combine all your ingredients for the scones into your mixing bowl, adding the milk last until you get a good consistency (similar to porridge).

Scoop your mixture into the muffin moulds in your tray. Bake for 30 mins.

Meanwhile you can make your jam, microwave your frozen berries until warm the mix in the chia seeds and leave to stand for 15mins.

Remove your scones/muffins from the oven to cool and then keep in an air tight container in the fridge.

To serve slice the scone, add greek yoghurt then spread chia jam on top of the yoghurt.

Nutritional Information: per serving

Calories – 100

Fat – 2 grams

Carbs – 12 grams

Protein 8 grams