The trend we’re seeing at the moment is that more and more people are taking on exercise in their own homes. In the early stages of lockdown, supplies of home fitness gear from dumbbell sets to kettlebells and suspension trainers were depleted across stockists on the high street and online. The world went mad for their own bit of ‘fitness’.

We’ve gone on long enough about resistance training and it’s many guises, along with the many styles and formats and the equipment you should use, but in this current predicament beggars can’t be choosers right?

It’s becoming more and more apparent that the style of sessions we were familiar with delivering in the studio are fast becoming the format of the own home training system. Why could this be?

We believe that the accessibility of the sessions helps. We deliver ours Live or on Zoom, which means people can check in and do it as part of a virtual group or they can catch up the Live session at a time convenient to them. 

The brutal simplicity of the workouts with equipment that takes up next to no space to store, and not much more to actually conduct a session with is another plus for this type of training. Easy to follow exercises that utilise lots of muscle mass burn more calories in less time than the conventional ‘strength training’ set up. This is another big win for this style of session. Also, there’s lots of different exercises to work the same muscles but through different ranges of movement or motion, which improves flexibility, and the working ranges of movement in muscles and joints. This is before we even begin to consider the countless combinations of what order exercises are done in, how long the working timer is or how many circuits you complete, there’s so many variables that can change the workout which removes any sense of boredom.

The weights used in this type of setup are generally lighter than an individual would use for maybe a 6 rep or a 10 rep max set but the sheer volume of the session will mean that it will eventually become challenging, and you will have to focus, and push through to the finish.

We’ve been delivering sessions for a little over 4 weeks now across 5 different instructors, and no session has been the same. The equipment has had similarities across sessions and some exercises are reoccurring but the countless other variables have always managed to provide enjoyment, fulfilment, challenge in a physical and a mental capacity along with a sense of achievement after each session, all leaving the participating wanting to return for the next one, and the next one.

Each of our sessions last 40 minutes give or take a few depending on how the workout is timed. This is perfect in many ways, it’s not so long that you don’t want to take part, but not so short that you deem it pointless. The exercises are easily adaptable so you can keep moving throughout which helps you keep up momentum and us cater for a wide range of abilities, and keep providing our clients with the most beneficial and effective workouts possible.