So I write this off the back of a conversation with a client about how their training has changed because of the lockdown restrictions.

Typically we’d train 3 times per week and have done for some time now, so when the lockdown hit, it was naturally going to be a bit of a shock to the system. When you’ve been the cornerstone of somebody’s training for upwards of 3 years it’s a bizarre feeling for both parties that the face to face stuff is going to cease for the short term at least.
As I train clients online (not as you’d typically understand it) via Training Peaks for Cycling, Running and a Triathlon events I would still have the input on their training requirements, but the athlete or client is trusted to get the job done and log/ record their workouts so I can decipher the data and decide which way things need to go.
It’s no surprise to me that the feedback about training online (TP and FB Live/ Zoom) was positive, but when compared to actually having somewhere to attend, a PT to see and conduct training the difference is unprecedented when comparing the overall quality of productivity. The individual feels much more accountable and motivated to do their training. They can’t steal 5 seconds off the trainers watch, but they can rob the kitchen clock as much as they like, the only repercussions to this is obviously a downward turn in fitness and condition.
We’ve all had our highs and lows throughout this sometimes bleak period but the point I’m making is, Body Planners provide options to suit your circumstances. We’ve helped clients through lockdown, at the very least maintain and some cases improve their results, and we don’t intend stopping any time soon!
With our new format of BP@home starting July the 1st, there’s an opportunity to get onboard with a more structured, more focused training plan than we’ve previously delivered online. It really is suitable for everyone! Yeah, granted it doesn’t have the same feel as coming down to your group session, or checking in with your PT, but it’s another ‘watchful eye’ cast over the way you train to act as a ‘virtual spotter’ (term given to someone supervising your reps for safety) giving you those all important technique pointers and motivation to beat the timer, round after round. We know there’s other trainers out there, we know there’s a million and one training combinations and variables but we figure, if you’re going online you may as well train with an organisation you know, you like and you trust to give you the most up to date relevant information in the industry, allow you to achieve results you can measure!
Just having that point of contact with your training, and interactive sessions that show you the way forward could be the difference between keeping on track, or losing your way. Watch out for more information very shortly and for those of you that prefer the one to one contact outdoor PT sessions are going down really well at our purpose built outdoor training area at the studio.