Ever trying to bring you the latest and greatest training methods combined with tested technology we introduced a few Kettlebell ‘flows’ to our training this last week.
A kettlebell flow is a series of exercises that naturally lead into a following exercise to make a big exercise combination. Great for strength development, cardio respiratory function and muscle/ joint stability these flows lend themselves particularly to the intensity phase of training we focused on this last week.
Too much cardio can take away from the ‘strengthening’ effect, and too much ‘strengthening’ can take away from the endurance effect which is why we didn’t do flows in those two weeks of training.
Kettlebells are great in general, they’re really versatile and in many cases are far superior to dumbbells because of the hardships they bring in some senses, but also the versatility they offer too.
For the most part a flow would involve one kettlebell working one side. Throughout this process the opposing muscles work to stabilise and allow you to coordinate the movement effectively and control the kettlebell. This process improves core strength and stability, kinesiology with regards to the physiological and bio mechanical systems underpinning movement its self, along with strength, power and coordination.
These movements can often be confused with a kettlebell complex. We won’t delve into those just yet, we don’t want to let the cat out of the bag but keep your eyes peeled for them making an appearance in the next ‘Strength & Agility’ phase of training.
By way of reassurance, the reason we use kettlebells at Body Planners is because of the reasons mentioned above. In addition to this, even though a kettlebell workout can look scary they’re actually really safe to use. The movements go from basic, right the way through to advanced moves where good levels of strength, stamina and coordination are combined to cut the shapes. Although this may sound daunting it’s a nice challenge to face yourself with which is another great thing about the kettlebell. Most people, at any point of the fitness journey with a kettlebell won’t try anything stupid, caution is always taken and this really reduces the risk of injury.
All that aside, flows are fun, burn a lot of calories due to the way your muscles respond to the movements and really maximise your training time.
This, is the only time I would go with the flow when it comes to training.