Here’s how one of our new BP@home clients lost 5 kg in just 4 weeks.


She stopped obsessing over the scales

Scales are a notoriously unreliable method of tracking your fat-loss efforts because your weight can fluctuate hugely hour to hour and day by day, based on many factors, including how much you’ve recently eaten and drunk.

They also fail to differentiate between fat and lean muscle mass.

BP@Home advises where to take key measurements on the body so you can track your body shape as well as your weight.


She controlled her calorie intake and portions

It is all very well clearing out the cupboards and stocking up with all the healthy stuff but if you are not aware of how calories you are eating and struggle with portion control this can lead to weight gain.

BP@Home gives you a calories controlled macro balanced meal plan with easy to make real food meal that won’t leave you feeling hungry.


She did not go off plan at the weekend

If you eat well Monday to Friday your efforts can be more than undone by a big weekend of piling down all those foods and drinks you’ve deprived yourself of all week. if you go wild at the weekend and consume an extra 750 calories on Saturday and Sunday you’ll end the week having eaten 250 calories more than you burned. That might not sound much, but you can’t lose fat if you’re in a calorie surplus.

BP@Home gives you a meal plan that allows for slighty higher calories at the weekend so that you don’t have to cheat.


She controlled her alcohol intake

The excess calories from too much alcohol are one of the big reasons for weight gain, and amongst people who consume alcohol, these drinks account for up to 10% of their daily calories intake.

BP@Home gives advise on which drinks you could swap to reduce calories and shows you how to allow for the odd night out.


She followed a progressive structured training routine

Your best chance of building the body you want in the least amount of time is following a tried-and-tested approach that’s already it removes all the doubts and uncertainties from your mind about whether you’re “doing it right”.

BP@Home provides a  4 week program designed to bring you increased confidence, better mobility, boosting your strength and stamina. Week on week, month on month. A special training kit of kettlebells and resistance bands is also available.

Each week  focusses on a specific phase of training, during a specific week each online session will offer a different daily workout, tailored to help you progress your fitness in a monthly cycle. This means your body will be continuously challenged and will respond by improving and changing. We advise that you perform at least 3 different online sessions a week for each phase from the 6 sessions available. You can perform these sessions watching live on facebook or catch up at a time convenient for you.


She kept herself accountable

It is very easy when training on line to lose your accountability and motivation, whether that be eating off plan, missing a session or cutting a session short.

BP@Home allows you to perform sessions liveor catch up  and checks in with you when you do them, if you have a heart monitor you can even post your stats and the trainer will comment. There is a support group where you can ask questions, you are given a weekly checklist to keep you on track and a meal plan for nutrition. Each week we publish a knowledge post and a healthy recipe on our blog.