A nice sweet treat for a morning, can be put together the night before for an on the go nutritional breakfast.

Ingredients: serves one

1 small banana

Light sprinkling of cinnamon

2 tablespoons rolled oats

Half a teaspoon coconut oil for frying

200grams total greek yoghurt 5% fat

2 teaspoons of peanut butter

Half a teaspoon of Agave


Dice the banana and lightly dust with cinnamon. In a dry frying pan lightly oats your oats, then remove from heat and tip into a medium bowl. In the hot pan melt the coconut oil and add the chopped banana and fry until slightly golden and crisp , leave to stand a few minutes. Take the peanut butter, agave and yoghurt and mix well in another bowl until well combined. Take a jar of glass to serve, place half the yoghurt in the bottom then add a layer of bananas slices and oats, then repeat the process until full then finish with a sprinkling of cinnamon. Serve.


Calories – 437

Protein – 14.5 Grams

carbs – 69.5 Grams

Fats – 15.5 Grams