A simple grilled salmon meal that is well balanced, tastes good, is packed with anti-oxidants and good fats.


100 grams fresh salmon steak fillet

100 grams tender stem broccoli

small baking potato

sea salt flaked

olive oil splash

1 teaspoon sweet chilli jam


1. Take the potato and put small cuts in the skin to create a hassleback, season with salt and a drizzle of oil bake for around an hour in the oven 200 degrees.

2. Season the salmon with salt and pepper then in a pan heat a teaspoon of oil to fry the salmon. Fry both sides until cooked through.

3. Steam the broccoli in a steamer over a boiling pan of water.

4. Once all the elements are cooked place on a plate and serve with sweet chilli jam.


Protein 49g

Fat 37.4g

Carbs 52.5g

Calories 745