Your gym is closed, you’re stuck at home, and Amazon is sold out of dumbbells.. Bodyweight exercises could be the answer.

Bodyweight Basics:

  1. You can work out anywhere
    With bodyweight training you can do your exercise anywhere, at any time. It’s the perfect solution for exercising at home or on the road.
  1. You don’t need to buy expensive equipment
    Anyone who has googled fitness equipment recently will find it out of stock and probably more expensive than they thought.  Thankfully, bodyweight exercises don’t require you to buy expensive equipment before you can get started. All you need is your own body.
  1. Bodyweight exercises combine cardio and strength training
    You’ll be able to increase your endurance, torch calories, and firm your muscles all at the same time. That’s something your treadmill can’t help you do!
  1. Bodyweight exercises are highly efficient
    You can quickly and effectively move from one exercise to the next with little rest in between, especially since there’s no equipment required.
  1. Bodyweight exercises burn fat fast
    Circuit training can help amp up your calorie burn and increase your metabolism all day long.
  1. Strength-training exercises can help reduce muscle loss
    This is particularly important if you’re on a low-calorie diet in an effort to lose weight, since your low-calorie diet may not provide your muscles with the amount of fuel they need to remain healthy.
  1. Bodyweight training can help boost your flexibility
    Many bodyweight exercises include dynamic stretching, which is a great way to make your whole body more flexible.
  1. It’s easy to measure results–and you’re going to see them
    Bodyweight training make it easy to measure your results in terms of the number of exercises you’re able to complete or the increases you’ve made. When you add bodyweight training to your training routine, you’ll quickly discover that you can reach your goals faster and more easily–whether those goals include increased strength and flexibility, losing weight, or improving your performance in other areas.
  1. Bodyweight training are easy to customise
    There’s something for everyone in a good bodyweight workout. You can easily adapt your routine to your current fitness level, then gradually increase the intensity of your workout as your strength grows. When you use traditional machines to help with your exercise, you’ll find that you’re limited by the range that the machines offer. Bodyweight exercises, however, have a wider range of custom options that will make it easier for you to keep meeting your fitness goals.
  1. Bodyweight training increase your core strength
    Your core is made up of multiple different muscles that help stabilise your whole body and increase your overall athletic performance. Performing bodyweight exercises, many of which engage more than one key muscle group, will help build that important core strength.
  2. You’re less likely to be injured with bodyweight training
    Many people end up working with dumbbells or other weights above their strength level, resulting in muscle strain and injury. Bodyweight exercises, on the other hand, can help protect your joints. You’ll also find that as you build strength with bodyweight exercises, your overall resistance to injury will improve. With a strong bodyweight workout, you’ll quickly strengthen your muscles to help protect you no matter what activity you’re doing. 
  1. Bodyweight training will improve your balance
    Many exercises are designed to help increase stability and balance, which will benefit you in your everyday life as well as in your overall athletic performance.

Bodyweight Basics

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