In the world of today, with so much choice and variety there’s no wonder there’s an ‘Er’ in your exercise program.
Like most other products and services as a result of constant research and development we constantly find ourselves spoilt for choice due to new products, training systems and methods constantly arising.
I find that when I take a casual browse through my media streaming apps there’s so much choice, and so much I ‘could’ watch that by the time I’ve finished browsing, enough time has passed that I could have watched a good few things. I find the choice too difficult to make because there’s so much to go at, despite knowing what type of thing I’d like to watch. Not all of it is for me, don’t get me wrong but Artificial Intelligence is doing its upmost to remember the things I like, and fast track these items to the front of ‘my list’. In reality, I don’t end up watching anything on there in the end I get ‘choiced out’, and usually disappear into the garage to faff.
I find the above entirely relatable when it comes to making your choice in training style or type. There’s so many methods and techniques that are labelled the ‘best’ or ‘trending now’ or ‘because you tried SW’ ways but as we’ve said before the best way or the leading system is the way or system that allows you, the consumer the time, freedom and consistency to make this training program what you want it to be, and to do the things you want it to do.
BS celebrity exercise routines from reality TV programs probably are the best way, for a BS reality TV celeb, but your mate Joes dad who’s still working 40 hours a week plus overtime, two dance lessons and a rugby match for his kids to accommodate has absolutely no chance of making a program like that stick even if he did want to achieve what the program promises. This is not the program for your mate Joes dad. Your mate Joes dad needs something entirely different. He needs a program that takes into account his current lifestyle, his current limitations to exercise; childcare, work, injuries, ailments and concerns, financial and time budget the list goes on. Only once these limitations have been factored in can the best program for your mate Joes dad be built. This is because the limiters and barriers have been taken into account, and adjustments made allowing for him to make progress around his limitations, and not be hung up by them. Why program 5 training days for a week like you might get on your BS TV celeb plan, when realistically Joes dad can make 3 sessions, 4 at a push? Right away programs like that are setting you up for failure, it isn’t based around the things you need and therefore, won’t yield the results you want, and your hard work deserves.
Now you’re all down, because I’m right and what I say makes sense I’m flippin’ this to end on a high.
Our expertise as trainers at Body Planners stems from our background. Our life experiences and sharing success with our clients has all added to our skill set, we’ve adapted the way we work across a wide range of clients to make sure they still come out on top, despite their circumstances.
How many more times will you be hung up on the ‘Er’ in exercise?
How many more days/ weeks and months will pass before ‘the time is right?’
If your existence is anything like mine, the time will never be right because there’ll always be a curve ball, a crappy day or a work job gone south, that’s normal. The trick is to take your time with the preparation phase, get everything worked out and make the margins for error small. Maximise your training and minimise the mistakes you do make. Nutrition and recovery come under that training umbrella so maximise those too!
To summarise, the three steps to taking the Er out of the way you should exercise;
  1. Seek the help and guidance of a professional trainer to establish the best route forward for you, not your mate Joes dad.
  2. Piece together a plan with them taking into account your own limitations. Any goals you set should be SMART, but your professional should know that. This will improve your likelihood of success.
  3. Remember, you’re doing this for you, in your spare time, for your own reasons. This is the toughest bit, normally. But with the social situation as it is right now, the peer pressure to ‘go out’ and make poor choices nutritionally (food and alcohol) are limited. If the people around you were good allies, they’d understand, support and help you along the way. Not throw up obstacles for you to negotiate and lose your momentum and direction…
See y’all in Kona, someday. Jake