At Body Planners we get asked for the latest top tips on how to lose weight for good however, rather than tips, and fad methods we believe in a system that is underpinned with quality and consistency, which ultimately yields better results long term. While this subject is different for everyone, we can simplify it down to these three steps. We know that when you’re looking to buy in, you’re the most motivated, switched on, committed person we’ve ever met but we know that life gets in the way. Talking to, and allowing us to help establish a plan with you, based around you, your life and your limitations. All we ask from you is that you accept a couple of things, record what you do away from the studio, and ask us for help when you need it. You’ll never go wrong if you follow these simple steps.
Step one: Accept.
Accept that progress isn’t the same for everyone. The chances are your friends and family do different things than you do. This could be that they’re naturally ‘cleaner eaters’ than you, or that they drink less alcohol or do more movement based activity. Whichever way it pans out, progress is different for you and me.
Progress also doesn’t happen at the same rate. Typically, there is a thing to experience known as ‘beginners gains’ where you lose a decent chunk to start with, but later slows down to a more consistent and even reduction over a longer term.
In our experience as Body Planners trainers this happens a lot, so don’t lose your mind and motivation if this happens to you. Remember, we’re always on hand to ask for help and advice.
Step two: Record.
Recording what you do isn’t only about being able to look back and identify what has worked. It’s also about allowing us to look back and see what isn’t working, and even the best of us go through this phase at some point along our journey, to whatever goal we’ve set.
This is the time to be honest with yourself, and us to be frank. It’s no good logging your meals and making them look text book perfect so that your inability to lose weight looks like a mystery. The only person suffering in the long run is that you you’re aspiring to. Logging workouts helps you identify how many calories you’ve burned and this day and age it’s almost impossible to get away from. Even most mobile phones count basic steps and distance as part of their health app. With the wide range of wearable tech it’s even easier to log, record and recall your activity to work out that all important calorie burn. Once you know your average calorie expenditure, you can then work with a daily average consumption to further your progress.
Step three: Ask is questions.
We say it most days at the end of sessions. We really are here to help, but we kinda need to know you need it.
We’re human beings ultimately and respect that you probably have enough on your plate in other senses right now, but being hard on yourself with regards to your weight loss goal could potentially lead to other issues down the line. Take out the confusion and ask us if you become stuck, or lose your way. The chances are that the fixes are simple, able to limit any damage you’ve done and steer you back on to that straight and narrow. Remembering why you first set out on this journey is sometimes the only thing you need to be reminded of, but a friendly word from us never does any harm.