So it’s that time of year where you’ve probably given some thought to how your fitness journey is going to take off this year? You’ve maybe had a couple of ideas in mind and figured out some things you might want to achieve.
Statistically, 80% of people setting a New Years resolution bonk out before the mid February.
Now on top of this Lockdown might have thrown these ideas and plans out of the window. Ok let’s take the positives out of this. We still have an opportunity to reset and we can almost class this as a third chance. All the things we promised ourselves that we would focus and improve upon, well now for some of us, we might have the time to do this, right now. For others this lockdown could prove even more disruptive but it is even more important to give yourself positivity to focus on.
Following our tips here might just make this the time you can really make a difference to your health and fitness!
Double up your habits; as ever, it isn’t necessarily that you’re doing things wrong, it might just be that your timing is off.
We find that running another habit alongside an existing one helps enforce the new, and old healthy habit. I wanted to increase my fruit intake but if the fruit was out of sight, it would be out of mind and therefore I’d be less inclined to ‘pass’ the fruit bowl so now, I leave my keys nearby so that when I leave for work I  pick up a couple of fruit items. This has a knock on effect with my overall intake, as I’m never without a healthy snack on the lead up to dinner. Now in lockdown I have to think of another strategy for this but the principle is just the same.
Know your numbers; Nutrition and Fitness share an 80/20 split respectively so ‘overachieving’ in one area and bypassing the other doesn’t mean you’re doing things effectively. Food doesn’t have to be perfect, but 80% of the time your macros should come from quality ingredients, as close to the raw product as possible. This almost guarantees a higher diet quality for a lower calorie intake. Fill your fridge and cupboards with healthy wholefoods, if you don’t buy bad food you won’t eat it.
Create a schedule; not only with your food, but with your activity. Just like you would do with anything else, in fact. If you order your food online, you buy the food you want, leave out the items you don’t want then request a delivery at a time convenient to you. What’s so difficult about doing that with your sessions?
We hear time and time again as BP Personal Trainers how our clients need somewhere to turn up, it helps with accountability and helps them break down their day in to digestible chunks. Scheduling your exercise is just as effective online too, treat it like an appointment, make it a habit set times and days.  Also, doing this allows you to ‘speak up’ to your family or friends about any space you may need in or out of the house so that this session is actually achievable. Furthermore, once you know what training you’re doing and when, will help you establish and understand how to fuel or refuel your body, when, and with you are then making a plan eg. get uo a little earlier train enjoy breakfast maybe go for a quick walk before the work day starts etc.
Don’t look back, too far; we’ve all had good intentions at some point on our journeys, fact. That’s what got us here in the first place. It’s important to move on from recent events and continue moving forward after a short reflection period. If it’s been a good run, take that confidence and use it to push you that little bit more. If you know it’s not been the best, figure out why, make the necessary changes and start over. Don’t be that person hellbent on catching up because the truth is, you can’t. You can however make good and move.
Ability or Motivation? Sometimes the most able aren’t motivated, and the most motivated aren’t able. This happens a lot and it can be a deep topic to get into. If you’re placed in either camp, revert to the step above, draw a line and move on. Start with the things you’re able to do. For example, if you know you can get two sessions in on a weekly basis, go with it. If you already drink 5 glasses of water per day but want to make progress, build on this and make another healthy habit. Focus on the things you’re already able to do, then do those consistently and reassess as and when required.
Remember; why you’re doing what you’ve set out to achieve, and behave like somebody who wants to achieve what you do would or should behave. If you’re wanting to lose weight, behave like you want to lose weight. Maximise your diet quality, maximise your workout time and focus on your weaker areas one at a time. Control the things you can control, and manage the things you can’t.
Making a resolution, there’s nothing wrong with that but making one that you’re reluctant to see through isn’t going to do you justice. These things you can’t leave down to chance, or luck, especially when you’re in a position to create that chance and make all the luck you’ll need.
This lockdown might be the making of you.
If you want more info on how we are helping our clients train online either one to one or our BP@home sessions get in touch. We are not limited to bodyweight exercises we have secured a limited amount of fitness kits from our suppliers for our clients new and old so we can deliver progressive and structured sessions.