Poached eggs, salmon and mashed avocado on sourdough  toast is a easy to prepare and a healthy way to start the day.


1 slice of wholemeal and rye sourdough bread (or good quality wholemeal) toasted
1/2 avocado mashed
2 free range eggs
40g Smoked salmon
teaspoon Harissa paste


1.Slice and toast the bread
2.Peel de-stone and mash half an avocado
3. Poach your eggs for 3 mins and blot excess water from them when you take them out of the pan.
4. Place the mashed avocado on your toast then top with the slices of salmon then place the eggs on top, serve with drizzle of Harissa and grind of pepper to taste.


Protein 26.1g
Fat 25.6g
Calories 451