This article is an informal introduction to ‘Stick Mobility’.

Stick Mobility is in actual fact a brand, and to our knowledge there aren’t actually any or certainly many other brands out there like Stick Mobility.

Stick Mobility however, maintain that they aren’t a brand, but a ‘system’.

Stick Mobility came about and is being used to help improve the range of motion through joints and as we’ve mentioned at Body Planners before, the more you can move, eventually the more you will be able to.

The use of the sticks can be seen as gimmicky and to be honest some things you’d do with sticks could be done other ways but you wouldn’t get all of their benefits so the sticks do really have their place.

The key benefits follow on a lot of principles pulled from different components of different training systems that we’ve used at Body Planners. They incorporate dynamic movements to perform stretches which are often safer than just static stretching. It’s is also a lot more interactive too. With dynamic stretching and flowing from one stretch to another we move the body through a range of joint angles and positions, and to perform these with optimum efficiency relies on having optimal, safe ranges of movement through joints as well as stability, strength and conditioning in active and supporting muscles.

The use of sticks gives the user and the trainer a visual reference for example, if an instructor sees the stick in an incorrect position, the instructor can visually see what needs to be corrected in order to make the movement or position effective. Once corrected, the visual reference becomes apparent to the individual as they go on to feel the muscles stretching in the right areas. You don’t get these benefits with anything we’ve seen or used at Body Planners.

We’re not looking to take credit for all of the good things Stick Mobility stands for, we’re simply looking to weaponise this system and supercharge your training! Stick Mobility is great to get you started if you’ve stopped before and failed to get going again. Its great for people who’ve stumbled upon injury (and if this IS you, chances are your S&C wasn’t quite up to the job beforehand). Its great for the weightlifters and shape shifters alike! Stick Mobility is great for improving the ranges of motion through joints, boosting the efficiency of your movement, and reducing the risk of injury.

I’m going to go all out here and say there’s loads and loads of content online, that doesn’t phase me and the reason for that is that even though the content is plentiful (usually delivered by one of our Transatlantic Fitness Cousins) it isn’t progressive or continuous. It doesn’t focus on any particular ‘thing’ they’re just sessions, just like gym classes are classes and aren’t structured to progress you to the levels you sometimes desire.

Stick Mobility is actually a really good thing and there is a ‘buy in’ in the form of purchasing the sticks but they need the help of us Stick Mobility Certified Coaches to spread the word and raise awareness for their campaign of better joint health. In order for us to raise awareness, we the Stick Mobility Certified Coaches need people like you, who are struggling to climb up that next step in your training journey whether that’s to actually bust the walls of the settee and start that journey, or find that onward route to those limits you seek!

Ask us about it, we offer flexible and affordable training packages tailored to help you start to train, maintain and progress through these difficult times.