There’s a lot to be said about keeping things simple. Seemingly this is becoming more and more difficult to do largely because of the way people now live, and the lengths they’ll go to to break that boredom, and monotonous factor in life.

While keeping things fresh is a good thing it’s wise to keep track on how often you ‘freshen things up’. Its no secret that our programming runs 4 to 6 weekly with clients and on our coveted BP At Home training package and that’s simply because science tells us to change what we do, that often. Not before, not after. Science in its own entity has bigger facilities, more resources and more people researching any one thing than probably any dedicated facility doing its bit for one purpose. This is the reason we look into the latest trends in fitness and decipher the good from the bad and simplify that into understandable terminology that can help set a foundation for future success in anyones training journey.

If you’ve been doing the same thing for too long, you get stale. Your results slow down or in some cases stop. Sometimes you even regress from doing the same thing. This is because your body has become so used to doing X amount of work on X amount of calories that neither one have any impact on the other at all.

Keeping things simple will only improve your chances of success. The less complex a workout plan, the less there is to go wrong in it. Same as anything else!

We beat the drum about structured training and structured nutrition all the time. Getting rest where required, listening to the body and keeping hydrated are cornerstones of our system. They are the most basic of things and they work. They work because they’re easy to do, and because they’re easy to do they’re easy to implement, and because they’re easy to implement. This simple concept almost seems too simple!

Looking at each entity on its own things can start to get complicated. Training, with all of the ‘what kinds of training should I be doing?’ can become a wormhole! Food, with all of the ‘what should I be eating and when?’ can become a wormhole. Only because the more you research, and look for that magic pill or silver bullet to end obesity you discover more info, more content and ultimately more confusion.

The point of this article is to reiterate how effective things can be by keeping things simple. Its to help reinstate some things you used to do, and saw success from. Its to say ‘F…orget what the celebs are doing’ and what the celebrity trainers are dishing out!

Go back to your roots, look at it as if you’re just starting again and remember that simple doesn’t have to be boring, or ineffective.

Be mindful of your calorie consumption, whether you’re just starting or a seasoned trainer calories matter, and too many calories vs your level of activity will eventually start to show!

Move more, I’m not saying lace up and stride out a marathon. Even a 10 to 15 minute walk pre or post work will help. If you missed yesterday, go today. Don’t try to catch up the times you’ve missed, just draw a line move on with a refreshed, simplified realistic approach. Sometimes you have to go back to move forward.